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engineering services

On time, first time right, every time.

Unprecedented digital transformation and innovation in electronics over the past decade has led to exponential growth in the demand for more powerful and sophisticated semiconductors. This high demand has, in turn, resulted in an acute shortage of qualified talent with the experience and proven expertise to bring new innovations to life.
Eteros Technologies provides semiconductor companies around the world with best-in-class expertise from specifications to silicon. We deploy the right skills, expertise and experience, so that our customers can expect on-time, first time right delivery, every time. We also help clients find high-caliber engineering teams specific to project requirements.
Our quality services have made us integral to our clients’ product and talent development roadmaps.


Design Services

We provide end-to-end semiconductor design and development engineering services across market segments. In words familiar to our industry insiders – we tape out!


Talent Marketplace

We help semiconductor companies build high-caliber engineering teams that are just right for their projects and meet highly specific requirements.


Market Segments


Eteros Advantage

Domain expertise, experience & quality

Global talent pool
Right-sized teams for start-ups, small, medium & large public companies
Program management
Turnkey solutions
Innovative business models